Panoramic Deco

P anoramic Deco is a name where it houses designers, engineers and technical specialist offering a broad range of building materials. Through our work we make a positive difference in the world. We work towards attaining the best solution for every client who walks through our doors.

Founded in 2012 with an initial focus on Pavement Tiles Panoramic Deco aims to become a niche supplier of building materials to the masses around the country. It is a multi-product oriented company with a vision to become the definitive name in the construction industry.

As the company grew so did its offerings. Demand increased and more and more square footage was dedicated to showcase the variety of building material that builders, contractors, architects,designers and home owners were ordering.
Today Panoramic Deco Building Materials pursuit of excellence remains an unremitting goal. Excellence when negotiating with manufacturers and quarries for building materials, and excellence in genuine respect and admiration for each and every Panoramic Deco customer.

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U nder this banner we represent many global brands for example Porcelanosa, Jaquar, Guangmei to name a few. We also manufacture high end pavement tiles alongside gypsum decorative products for interior and also for exterior. In our newly built factory we are introducing cladding tiles which is the first of its kind in the country in an indigenous and an innovative low cost production facility in this competitive market around the world. Our company is also planning to extend the products through its reliable distribution channels throughout the country in the coming months. We are planning to embark on multi level marketing strategy to create the awareness of the brand here in our country as well as educate the construction industry about its uniqueness and high standards revered all over the industry.

SAS Group looks forward to establish a lifelong partnership with top building product brands around the world. Our showroom(s) will be branded after our sister concern named “Panoramic” and the corporate site for the store will be launched under this website:

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