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Real-Estate Development

SAS turns properties that are under-rated, forgotten or unloved into homes and other spaces e.g. Commercial buildings that design-conscious people find irresistible. It’s not something we brag about.It’s just a knack and we have a vetted track record of successful developments. SAS is dynamic, proactive, and positioned to prosper through the 21st century.

Our founders are internationally orientated and the developer we want to become is to be the ‘avantgarde’ developer of the property industry in the country.

Today SAS is more than 11 years in its unrivalled journey into the property industry, and we’re always building on our past successes. Now if you’re thinking, ‘I’m sure I’ve come about a great developer,’ you probably have. An SAS development is always big news amongst the few selective clienteles we usually maintain.

SAS prides itself on innovative thinking and the ability to anticipate changing real estate market. The success of SAS has been the result of pioneering in implementing bold initiatives with new technology and developmental strategies, and most importantly, the ability to recognize shifting real estate trends.

It has a strong financial base from its own assets as well as from few prominent investment firms & banks to explore a wide variety of real estate opportunities without geographical limitations. SAS’s portfolio of real estate properties includes retail, office and high-end residential properties.



SAS specializes within a specific product typology. These typologies include:

  • Residential, single-family
  • Residential, multi-family
  • Urban mixed-use
  • Retail
  • Commercial office
  • Industrial


Land Development

Land Prospecting

SAS Land Developer specializes in land acquisition of both small and large tracts, joint ventures with land owners, land development and developing and selling lots to home builders. We have experienced land development professionals who explore land acquisition opportunities and determine if the available land is in a prime location for residential and/or commercial development.

Before acquiring land, SAS Land Developer:

  • Conducts a feasibility study
  • Conducts a location survey
  • Conducts market studies/research

The Development Process

Decisions to develop land are made once SAS Land Developer has met stringent, self-imposed requirements. Upon deciding to develop land, our land development professionals will work with the seller of the land to minimize tax liabilities and manage other needs as they may arise.

Once purchased, SAS Land Developer contracts with SAS Design Services utilizing their expertise in land planning. After the land plan is complete, SAS Land Developer manages the development of the land including:

  • Attending governmental meetings to determine assessment viability
  • Zoning the property
  • Contracting for improvements and improvement installation
  • The assignment of an on-site field engineer to oversee all critical functions

Full-Service Developer

Our expertise in land acquisitions and development is unparalleled. Also unequalled is our ability to develop and maintain excellent relationships with suppliers and government agencies, making us the ideal development partner for both local and out-of-area companies.

Please contact Managing Director, SAS Progressive Co. Ltd. at (880) 2-8813796 or via email at:


NRB VILLAGE – An Exclusive Project by SAS

A sanctuary of the affluent.

A landmark project by SAS is being launched over the last couple of years. It is a suburban eco village called “Bashbari NRB Village”. It is an exclusive lakefront community dedicated to those who demand nothing but the very best in life. Set within a quiet village location, Bashbari NRB Village offers a traditional modern country side lifestyle that is truly second to none. It has club houses, bungalows and recreational zones spread over a sprawling 35 acres of land just outskirts of Dhaka. The entire housing is built using local materials and craftsmen from the nearby villages and also the housing is developed in line with green building ethos for example, solar powered systems, water harvesting to name a few.

Our project profile can be found at this following website:


Construction – Panoramic Construction

It’s not just what we do; it’s how we do it.

At Panoramic Construction we put our years of experience to work on your project during the design and preconstruction phases. Our proven ability to actively participate on the team, tied to our proven processes for cost management, schedule control and quality assurance, ensures that you end up with designs that meet your budgets.

Our Preconstruction Department is a team of dedicated, trained professionals who seek out creative solutions to solve today’s building challenges. We work collaboratively with our clients and design teams in an open-book environment.

Experience what we call Preconstruction versus what the rest of the Industry calls Preconstruction

Preconstruction Services:

  • Cost Management
  • Sustainability Reviews
  • Trade Prequalification / Solicitation
  • Purchasing / Scope Management
  • Value Analysis / Incorporation
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Commissionability / Maintainability Reviews
  • Building Systems Analysis
  • Design Coordination
  • Leverage the Internet & Technology

Panoramic Planning Support Services offers the answers to your questions in support of planning, programming, design and construction needs. For more than 15 years we have served our customers in this way, providing a single-source, up-front look at budgets, schedules, sites, systems, project delivery, concepts and development options in a way that is customized to your specific need.

Design-Build is a rapidly growing project delivery strategy in the construction business. We use this approach on many of our projects. Our focus is to assemble the right team of designers and engineers for each individual project and manage the process to deliver the completed facility successfully. We manage the process of programming and developing project requirements within the Design-Build services.

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