Wiser Ltd.

W iser Limited has been recently established. It is aiming to introduce Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to reduce carbon emission to address the ensuing issue of climate change and also to expand cost-effective green technology, services and management systems in the country.

Wiser limited pledges to build better future mitigating challenges of climate change through environmental protection, improvement of governance systems through enhancing green business, environment friendly approach in development and services in the country.

Wiser Services

Wiser Provides:

  • Green Energy Development
  • Introduction of energy efficient machines and appliances in the industries to reduce carbon emission
  • Renewable Energy Development (Solar & Wind Energy)
  • Environmental Protection Technologies
  • Marketing of Environmental Friendly Products
  • Quality research and appraisal of initiatives to mitigate the challenges of climate change
  • Risk assessments associated with climate change & carbon emission
  • Change Management Systems and capacity building to enable successful strategies for business, particularly for eco-business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Development.


W e at SAS Ventures have been pioneering renewable energy solutions and best franchises in Bangladesh from the industry’s inception. Our endeavor has always been availing and emanating most efficient system and solutions in this low carbon footprint perimeter.We have many solutions amongst which solar homes system is the prominent one, followed by LED Lighting solution. More over we are also consulting in industrial segments by providing specialist engineering solutions in ETFs energy consumption modules, Lighting systems to name a few.

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